Performance Titanium stocks Titanium Plate products from .1875” Thick up to 4” Thick. Please call for sizes outside of this range. We saw cut Titanium Plate with a standard tolerance of +.125” -.000” on width and length.

Most Plate orders ship 2-3 days After Receipt of Order.

Titanium Plate is available in the following Grades:

Plates are available in the following Specifications: AMS 4901, AMS 4902, AMS 4907, AMS 4911, AMS 4918AMS-T-9046 (AB-1 6AL-4V), AMS-T-9046 (AB-2 6AL-4V ELI), AMS-T-9046 (CP-3 GR.2), AMS-T-9046 (CP-1 GR.4), AMS-T-9046 (AB-3 662)ASTM B265 (Grade 5), ASTM B265 (Grade 2), ASTM B265 (Grade 4) ASTM B265 (Grade 23), ASTM F1472, ASTM F67 (Grade 2), ASTM F67 (Grade 4), ASTM F136, MIL-T-9046 (AB-1 6AL-4V), MIL-T-9046 (AB-2 6AL-4V Eli), MIL-T-9046 (CP-3 GR.2), MIL-T-9046 (CP-1 GR.4), MIL-T-9046 (AB-3 662), and More.

Additional Information: Plate tolerances vary based on Size and Manufacturer. Keep in mind that manufacturing tolerances typically allow for -.01” on the plate thickness. Please let us know if you have specific requirements so we can ensure we offer Titanium that meets your expectations.

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