Commercially Pure Grade 2 Titanium

Alternate Names: CP Grade 2 Titanium, CP 2, Grade 2, CP 40

Description: Commercially Pure (CP) Grade 2 Titanium is one of the most common grades of unalloyed titanium. CP Titanium mechanical properties are controlled by chemistry; specifically the input of Nitrogen, Oxygen and Iron which will increase strength of material. CP Grade 2 is higher in strength than CP Grade 1, but lower than CP Grades 3 and 4. It is also commonly called “CP 40” which is in reference to its approximate yield strength. It is an attractive grade of titanium due to its excellent corrosion resistance, good formability, and limited strength. It is used in a variety of industries such as chemical, marine, medical, recreational, and aerospace.

Machinability: Low cutting speeds, heavy feed rates, sharp tools, and ample cutting fluid are prescribed.

CP Grade 2 Titanium is available in the following Product Forms:
Round Bar (Rod), Plate, and Sheet

CP Grade 2 Titanium is available in the following Specifications:

AMS 4902 ASTM F67 (Grade 2)
ASTM B348 (Grade 2) AMS-T-9046 (CP-3 Grade 2)
ASTM B265 (Grade 2) MIL-T-9046 (CP-3 Grade 2)


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