Rod & Round Bar

Performance Titanium stocks Titanium Rod and Round Bar, from .125” Diameter up to 14” Diameter. Please call for sizes outside of this range. We saw cut Titanium Rods & Round Bars with a standard tolerance of +.125” -.000” on length.

Most Rod & Round Bar orders ship 1-2 days After Receipt of Order.

Rods and Round Bar are available in the following Specifications:
AMS 4971, AMS 4921, AMS 4928, AMS 4930, AMS 4965, AMS 4967, AMS 4978, AMS 4979AMS 6930, AMS 6931, AMS 6935, AMS 6936, AMS-T-9047 (6AL-4V), AMS-T-9047 (6AL-4V ELI), AMS-T-9047 (6AL-6V-2SN), AMS-T-9047 (CP-70 GR.4), ASTM B348 (Grade 5), ASTM B348 (Grade 2), ASTM B348 (Grade 4), ASTM B348 (Grade 23), ASTM F67 (Grade 2), ASTM F67 (Grade 4), ASTM F136, ASTM F1472, MIL-T-9047 (6AL-4V), MIL-T-9047 (6AL-4V ELI), MIL-T-9047 (6AL-6V-2SN), MIL-T-9047 (CP-70 GR.4), DMS 1570, DMS 1583, and More.

Additional Information: Diameter tolerances and bar lengths vary based on Size and Manufacturer. Please let us know if you have specific requirements so we can ensure we offer Titanium that meets your expectations. Bars typically range from 10-14’ Random Length.

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