Why PTG?

You are one of the few businesses I deal with that really have their act together. A+.
-June 2020

PTG understands your time is precious! 99% of buyers are satisfied with our responsiveness to request for quotes.

The quick response I have always received is very much appreciated and keeps me returning. Our requirements are few and small, and I’m treated like I matter. Thank you!
-May 2020

Great job, great prices. Thank you for helping me stay competitive.
-June 2020

when you need your material, you need it fast. 98.5% of our customers are satisfied with our fast lead times.

You all blew me away with your speed and efficiency!
-December 2019

We stand behind the product we sell. 96% of our customers are satisfied with the physical condition of material received.

It’s always a pleasure to work with PTG, because I know everything will be done right!
-June 2020

Our customers come first! 99.5% of our customers are satisfied with their OVERALL EXPERIENCE.

The entire PTG team is great to work with. They are extremely responsive and always very helpful with material related questions. Their prices and lead times are always extremely competitive. I would highly recommend them to anyone. Their website also has a lot of useful information and tools.
-June 2020


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*Customer Satisfaction results based on all 202 responses received from our 2020 Customer Satisfaction Surveys.