6AL-6V-2SN Titanium

Alternate Names: 662 Titanium

Description: 6AL-6V-2SN is an alloyed Grade of alpha-beta Titanium. 6AL-6V-2SN is similar to 6AL-4V in many ways, but exhibits higher strength properties due to additional Vanadium, Iron, and Copper. Welding is not typically recommended. 6AL-6V-2SN is often found in the Annealed condition, or heat treated to the higher strength Solution Treated & Aged condition. 6AL-6V-2SN exhibits extra high strength, and light weight. It is often used in aerospace, and oil & gas applications.

Machinability: Low cutting speeds, heavy feed rates, sharp tools, and ample cutting fluid are prescribed.

6AL-6V-2SN Titanium is available in the following Product Forms:
Round Bar (Rod), Rectangular Flat Bar (Block), Sheet, and Plate.

6AL-6V-2SN Titanium is available in the following Specifications:

MIL-T-9047 (6AL-6V-2SN) AMS 6936 AMS 4971
AMS-T-9047 (6AL-6V-2SN) AMS 6935 AMS 4978
AMS-T-9046 (6AL-6V-2SN) AMS 4979 AMS 4918
MIL-T-9046 (6AL-6V-2SN)


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