Titanium U-Joint Yokes from Case Western Reserve’s Baja SAE Team

In February, we provided Case Western Reserve University with 6AL-4V 2″ Dia. They were able to turn those into u-joint yokes for their 2021 Baja SAE vehicle. CWRU’s technical director and drivetrain team lead, Tobin Gevelber, shared the pictures below and their experience with this year’s competition.

CWRU at SAE Baja's 2021 maneuverability course in Louisville, KY
CWRU at SAE Baja’s 2021 maneuverability course in Louisville, KY

After a year of hard work and persistence, the CWRU Motorsports team is happy to finish up the season with two first place finishes in both the maneuverability course and the hill climb event at Baja SAE Louisville 2021. We had a great day of dynamic events thanks to designing one of the lightest and most agile vehicles in the field though we struggled with stability in the endurance race. With our first year AWD system there was a lot added to the vehicle though components such as our titanium u-joint yokes helped reduce the amount of complexity and weight in the design. With the help of PTG we were able to incorporate these CNC machined components for the first time this year and look forward to further improved designs with titanium components in future vehicles.

Titanium u-joint yokes
Titanium u-joint yokes