Q2 2019 ATI Surcharges Published

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Material Donation to Michigan Baja Racing for Spring 2019

Michigan Baja Racing Team & Car Photo

The Michigan Baja Racing Team and their yet to be named vehicle.

We’ve been happy to support the Michigan Baja Racing Team since 2015. We’ve seen them face great success over the years with their student designed and built vehicles. Once again we were able to support the team this year with a material donation of 662 titanium round bar. As they gear up for competition starting in April, I was able to check in with Jeremiah Johnson, Manufacturing Director, to see how the titanium was used and how they feel about the upcoming competitions:

662 Titanium Round Bar

662 Titanium Round Bar Donated by PTG.

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Q1 2019 ATI Surcharges Published

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What Grade of Titanium Do I Need?

Quite frequently, we’re asked what the best grade of titanium would be for someone’s application. This is more often true for hobbyists or those new to the use of titanium. While we can’t recommend the best grade for your application, we can provide data sheets to help point you in the right direction. We suggest talking to the manufacturer’s engineering or metallurgy departments to be sure you are ordering the right material for your parts.

12" Round Bar - 6AL-4V

12″ Round Bar – Ti 6AL-4V

Some things to think about when choosing a grade:

  • What is the end use of my product? Different grades are more common for different industries and end uses. For example, the properties of 6AL-4V ELI may make it suitable for medical and dental applications. 6AL-4V, or Grade 5, is a very common grade for aerospace applications. For some applications, such as tooling or hobbies, machinists simply want an affordable option, such as Grade 2. But needs vary, and the most common or inexpensive grade is not necessarily the best one for your application.
  • Do I need the material to be weldable? Different grades have different levels of weldability, and some grades are not recommended to be welded at all.
  • What material specs or properties does my end product require? In the end, if requirements are imposed, you may not have any choice. You may be restricted to a certain grade. Different specifications, mechanical property requirements, and chemical makeup requirements will narrow down your choices.

Below are some common grades that we offer here at PTG. You can download our data sheets below for basic information regarding some of the questions above. For more extensive information, we recommend you get in touch with the manufacturer of the material. You can always contact us at 888.772.8984 or sales@performancetitanium.com for assistance in reaching potential manufacturers.

6AL-4V / Grade 5
6AL-4V Eli
CP Grade 2
CP Grade 4

The use of this information is strictly voluntary and should be used as a guideline only. This data contains generalizations and is in no way a substitute for your own research. This information is not intended as a warranty or fitness of any application.

Q4 2018 ATI Surcharges Published

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Customer Satisfaction Survey


Your feedback is very important to us! Please take a moment to fill out our survey so that we can better serve you.

Q3 2018 ATI Surcharges Published

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Thank you letter from Michigan Baja Racing Team

2018 Michigan Baja Racing Team at the unveiling of the 2018 race car.

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Material Donation to Pennsylvania College of Technology

We were approached by a student at Penn State who asked for titanium material donations to experiment with in their Engineering class. We were happy to be able to support and we wanted to share their letter of gratitude as well as some pictures from the students!

A student attempting to successfully produce a weld with an acceptable oxide color using only basic supplies (aluminum foil and gas lens). This helps take away some of the stigma associated with welding Ti, and shows that as long as you abide by a few simple rules you can produce excellent results without needing a purge chamber.

This photo was captured after the student had finished welding a few stringer beads with varying levels of success. They are also encouraged to test the limits of cleanliness, shielding flow rate, travel speed, etc. to see the impact on the weld surface so they are able to troubleshoot and diagnose issues later.

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Q1 2018 ATI Surcharges Published

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