2022 Titanium Donation to Northwestern Formula Racing

This year, PTG had the opportunity to donate 6al-4v Titanium in 1″ dia to Northwestern Formula Racing. Below is their feedback on using titanium this year:


Thanks so much for the donation! We used the titanium for the blades on our anti roll bar (ARB). We found the machining to be more difficult than expected when drilling the titanium but milling and lathe operations went well. There was also no waste since we used all of the material.

Regarding team performance, the titanium worked really well and as expected from our calculations and FEA simulations. The donation was incredibly useful and allowed us to make an ARB that performed well and worked as we intended it to. Our drivers found the ARB very helpful in correcting any understeer or oversteer. Also, the material was great since it meant we didn’t have to compromise on weight savings whilst still achieving the stiffness required for the ARB.

Some pictures of the ARB in manufacturing and on the vehicle are below:

We really appreciate the donation and we’re planning on further improving our suspension by doing both a front and rear ARB for this coming year (instead of just the rear). Thank you!

Sarah Yung

Project Manager | Northwestern Formula Racing